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For Sale Page

These Aircraft & or Parts are added as a favor to owner. and prices set by them.
For further information email Peter Gilbertson Asking price, $18,500.00.

For SALE, KR-2 tt/af 14hrs, I brought the aircraft and found it to have a bad weight and balance, to lighten airframe I have as followed made these changes, new turtle deck, new stub wing skins and two new main wings, new canopy, 2 new carbon fibre seats, basic VFR instrumentation with engine gauges and Icon avionics, zero timed new revmaster engine is mounted to airframe, has a Ian Henry prop. Outer wings glassed, fixed tricycle gear,all that is needed is for the ailerons to be cut out and the wing tips to be made. filling and sanding, the fuselage primed almost ready to paint. For further information email Peter Gilbertson


Right Peter's complete KR2

For further information email Peter Gilbertson Asking price, $18,500.00.
New engine needs new prop and some accys. installed. Has dual ignition. Slick Mag. needs installed, have Mag. and Diehl accy case, with alternator, but needs puch interface to crankshaft. Engine is brand-new has not even fired up yet, but has been stored in a garage since the '80s, by another KR2 builder who never realized his dream. Has break-in oil and oil in clys. I turn it over regularly and have borecoped clys. It is clean No rust, appears perfect and ready to run with just a few things to hook up. I'm a certified A&P Mech. and have nearly completed an annual Inspection on it. Just have those few things to complete. I've lost my Medical so can no longer fly it, so the wind has blown outta my sails. I'd take $5500 US cash for it. AS-Is, Where-Is.