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Cowl Mods for belt Drive

Due to the New Belt Drive being large and longer, I had to extend my Cowl for fit over the belt drive. This is how it did it. I cut it in the middle, as it fitted well at both ends and just not long enough.

 I did not want to use foam this time so I got a roll of Flashing metal ( what they seal around windows to stop water getting into a wall, it comes in a roll, very soft think sheet.)


I cut the cowl and tapped the flashing to the outside cowl, then glassed the inside, this was then a sort of mould to glass to.



Left: Here I used PVA release agent on the paint, then glassed a 5 inch wied strip around where I wanted to cut the cowl. This would then be used for mould to place back on, then glass the inside. NOTE I was advised by by glassing tradesman, NOT to use polyester on Polyester, but to use Epoxy, as it make a better Join, an flexable. REMEMBER !!!! Epoxy will stick to Polyester, BUT Polyester will not stick to Epoxy.
I was to busy to take a photo of the bottom cowl cut in half, but you can see the join. I have now cut the top half, and now sitting back on the chech the fit and screw a few bits of wood to hold the gap. Notice too the problem I will have with the cowl behind the spinner. I will fix that gap latter. The belt drive is 40 mm taler than the old gear drive, and I will haver to left the front of the cowl to sit behind the spinner.
Here you can see how I spaced the top so I can make ready for glassing
You can see here the Flashing material duct taped to the to cowl, and I glassed to bottom, and when touch dry, I placed back on the KR to harden.
I love the Southwest. You won't find better scenery anywhere!
Here you can see the lack of clearance between the air inlets and the belt drive. I will soon fix that as well. A bit more cutting and glassing.


LEFT: I had to raise the back of cowl to match the spinner. Here I have just glassed the metal mould and used dacron ( peelply)
LEFT: Side view of raised cowl section I made.