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Wing Gap Seals

This is how I made my R side wing Gap seal. Click to enlarge Photo, Hit BACK to return.

Firstly I had to cover the gap to allow for glassing, I used duct tape across the gap, ( not along the gap) to stop the tap from sinking into the gap to keep the cover flat.

Then I protected the area with plastic and tape. Then used 2 inch tape and glassed 3 inches wide and overlaped in the middle for extra support.  With two layers done I ran one layer over the middle. Then cut a 4 inch wide strip from a roll and glassed over the lot.  All done while wet, so it can dry as one unit.


I then ran some Flox over it all to cover pin holes and bumps. When dry, I sanded it the best I could before romovial from the wing. Onced removed I sanded the edges straight and to the width I wanted.


Walla, Done, Now I will decide wheather to screw it inplace or put some springs to hold it down.

Right: This is the gap before I started. Click to enlarge, Back to return

I tried to keep the gap to as small as possible

Duct Tape in place

You can see the tape ACROSS the gap, this sits reasonbly flat for a good service to glass.

Right: You can see the tape across the gap,

The plastic on both sides to protect the pain. The roll of tape ready to use.

Glassing Finished, all took only an hour or so.

This shot has the 4 inch cut of cloth in place, it has rough edges because it was cut with sisors.

I then put some flox over the lot, and when dry, sanded it down in place

The finished product

I hace sanded the edges on my belt sander, and given it another light sand.

It will need some minor filling and sanding, it is feld in place with a bit of duct tape at the L/E.

I'm thinking of adding some hooks on the bottom and just hold it inplace with some springs pulling against the L/E, with two screws at the T/E. and or 3 screws top and bottom.